Kata-Kata Motivasi Usahawan

“Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”

“Don’t ever give up in everything you do. Try your best to finish it. Good luck! 

Usahawan adalah “pemula” , “pereka”, dan “pembina”.

“Jika anda dilahirkan miskin, ianya bukan salah anda, tetapi jika anda mati dalam keadaan miskin, maka, ianya adalah salah anda! ” – Bill Gates

Don’t Over-analyze or Think too Much until You Become Paralyzed with Fear.

Successful people:

  • Think a little
  • Take Action Quickly
  • Figure Things Out Later

Action Steps To Creativity 

  • Brainstorming with others
  • Asking dumb questions
  • Having fun
  • Being child again
  • Thinking outside the “box”
  • Role playing
  • Imagining
  • Breaking the rules
  • Looking beyond the obvious
  • Taking risk
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